Do you have what it takes to be a TV weather forecaster?

Well, it takes more than a toothy smile and some hair gel—as students in the Meteorology Club at Iowa State are finding out firsthand. The club produces a weather show on ISUtv called Cy’s Eyes on the Skies. complete with green screen, weather graphics, and satellite maps. Students learn by doing -- and in the process get to live their dream (or try out a whim) of forecasting the weather in front of a television camera.

Because of the diverse range of activities and opportunities it offers its members, Iowa State’s Meteorology Club was named by the American Meteorology Society this past year as the top club in the nation.

Iowa State has a reputation for student clubs and organizations that win international competitions and are ranked among America's best. Human Sciences has a club that was voted the best student organization two years in a row. Our student-produced fashion magazine Trend recently won a Mark of Excellence Award. And the Ag Business Club has won the most outstanding club in its field four years straight. Through clubs and organizations, Iowa State students enjoy unlimited opportunities to explore their interests and discover their passions.

Mark Twain once quipped, "Everybody talks about the weather. But nobody ever does anything about it."

Try to tell that to the passionate students in the Meteorology Club at Iowa State who are actively doing something about the weather, one forecast at a time.