Alex traveled 700 miles and found home

"I first heard about Iowa State from my dad. One of his golfing buddies has a son who studied aerospace engineering there and loved it."

Given that Alex wanted to become an engineer who can make a difference in the world, he decided to take a look at Iowa State's engineering program.

After going there for a visit, he was hooked. The campus was beautiful. The people were welcoming. He even loved the idea of snow. In the end, he didn’t even bother visiting any other campus.

"I knew absolutely no one when I first came here. It was a pretty scary thought," Alex said. "To my surprise I made friends from my classes and study groups very quickly. I still live with the same three guys from my original dorm room. I think I made friends so fast because people in Iowa are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever come across."

Sure, Alex still goes back to Plano to see his family and reconnect with old friends. (And get some laundry done.) But when he does, it's not long before he starts to miss his new home, and the new life he's started for himself, back here at Iowa State.