Werewolves unleashed at Iowa State

In vivid detail, Assistant Professor Benjamin Percy chronicled the discovery of a group of villagers who had been infected with "Lobos." This previously unknown pathogen, now spread throughout the world, produces an uncontrollable rage in its hosts, transforming them into Lycans, predatory animals with a hunger to kill.

No, this project was not the product of Benjamin’s research -- but rather, it’s a product of his imagination. You see, Benjamin Percy is a creative writing professor at Iowa State University and the published author of four books. His latest, Red Moon, is due to be published in 2012. It’s generating so much buzz, he’s already sold movie rights to Hollywood and the translation rights to seven foreign publishers.

Professor Percy is typical of the 1,700 faculty members you can learn from at Iowa State: leading scholars who go out into the real world and achieve great things. Whether it’s researching savanna chimpanzees in Senegal, leading an evolution of dairy farming throughout Asia -- or in this case, writing a blockbuster that will be coming soon to a Cineplex near you.

Fortunately for his students, Benjamin Percy wants to continue to do what brought him to Iowa State in the first place: to shape the minds of young writers, helping them figure out the mechanics of storytelling, inspiring in them a passion for writing.

Benjamin believes Iowa State’s a great environment for a writer because you’re surrounded by so many creative people and so many compelling ideas. It’s the stuff one can use to write an amazing adventure. Or live one.