Learn by zooing

Learn by zooing

No matter what you study at Iowa State, you’ll hear about how important it is to learn by doing.

Dr. June Olds takes that to heart. She’s a primary care clinician in the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She is also a veterinarian at Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa. With those responsibilities, she can offer her students a rare opportunity: the chance to work with exotic animals.

First-year veterinary students might enjoy the opportunity to shadow Dr. Olds, while fourth-year students performing clinical rotations might carry out dental procedures on a snow leopard or a llama, monitor reactions of lions to anesthesia, and listen to the heartbeat of a sea lion or a giant tortoise.

At Iowa State, we believe in the value of learning both inside and outside the classroom. That’s why we make a point of providing students with experiences that are life changing and career defining.

Fourth-year veterinary student Anne Nemeth-Wild said, “I love the variety of animal species that I get to work with. Every day is different. I’ve learned how important preventive medicine is to zoo programs.”

Some lessons you just can’t learn from a book.